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Introducing a smarter campaign orchestration tool for financial institutions


Why IC Campaigns?

Today, FIs compete harder than ever for client’s attention.

To do so, they constantly run concurrent marketing campaigns.

Digitalization adds additional complexity to this scenario.

FIs invest time and resources to coordinate and execute these campaigns using inefficient processes.

More often than not, campaigns are generic.

Clients are exposed to the campaign that is “broadcasted” today, not to the most relevant one for their needs and interests.

Results are usually processed once the campaign is over.

Making changes on a campaign is a complex process that frequently requires the intervention of IT.


IC Campaigns

The smart omni-channel solution for orchestrating marketing campaigns for FIs

Invest your time in designing marketing campaigns aligned with your clients
and business goals, not in executing them.


Orchestrate all your campaigns, through all your channels, automatically.

Create and manage your campaigns using a simple and intuitive centralized campaign repository.


Personalize your communications to increase engagement and loyalty.

Contact your clients through their preferred channels, with relevant, personal, and contextual messages.

Optimize your message effectiveness using A/B testing.


Maximize your conversion using the power of Big Data and Machine Learning.

Our industry optimized algorithms define the next best marketing action for every communication instance with the client, making sure you are always omni-relevant.

Real time

Learn from your client's actions, needs, and interests in real time.

Track, analyze, and improve your campaigns, with zero downtime.

Start orchestrating your campaigns in a few days, not weeks or months!

Integrate ICC seamlessly with your existing systems at a very low cost.


What does effective orchestration mean for your clients?

Client Preferences
Rita clicked “I am not interested” on a banner promoting student loans on her web banking. That campaign will not show anymore for her and the campaign with the next higher probability of conversion will be displayed in her next interaction with the bank.
Laura visited the Personal Loans page three times this week. Knowing this, we send her information on what loans are available for her, based on her credit score and any other relevant information we know about her.
Mary just got a loan to purchase her first car. It is the right moment to offer her our car insurance products, as well as some great special offers to purchase accessories and services with her credit card.
Rita has just received a wedding money collection on her account. It is the right time to show her the mortgage options available for her new family.
John has a checking account that he manages responsibly. We can offer him an overdraft protection service.
Peter gets his salary through a free salary account. We can offer him to upgrade to a premium account with additional benefits, exclusive rates and products.
Peter got a loan some time ago, he has met all his payment deadlines and will soon finish repaying it. Sounds a good time to offer him a new loan for his next project, with benefits for being a good payer.
Mary bought her first car four years ago. It is high time to offer her a new car loan.

IC Campaigns Finovate Spring 2017 Demo

Infocorp has been selected as one of the proud distinguished presenters at Finovate Spring 2017, taking place in San Jose, California. We will be there doing our first public demo of IC Campaigns.
Finovate conferences showcase cutting-edge banking and financial technology in a unique, short-form, demo-only format.

More about Finovate Spring 2017 here: http://spring2017.finovate.com/

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