Feedback comes after a marketing campaign is over. Really?
One of the greatest drawbacks of marketing campaigns in general is that we only obtain performance results when the campaign is over and nothing much can be changed. Feedback is also limited and leaves some questions unanswered, such as…

-    What is my client thinking about this campaign?
-    Is there anything she has found particularly interesting?
-    If he liked the campaign, does that translate into a conversion?
-    Which aspects of my campaign are just not convincing clients?
-    How can I track my client from a click on a banner through to requesting a credit card?
-    How do I know if this particular email campaign promoted my client to request that loan?

Now that “social” prevails, to position ourselves as mere “broadcasters” is useless. It’s time now to make marketing for the financial sector a lot more interactive, it’s time that you receive feedback about your campaigns as they are happening, before you run out of time to improve them.

How do we measure a campaign is being effective? And, what’s more important, how do we maximise the impact of a marketing campaign in real time? We’re interested in measuring and improving conversion, and that’s exactly what IC-Campaigns does.

The result of years of electronic banking experience, IC-Campaigns was developed by the Infocorp team and results in shorter-cycle marketing campaigns that are more agile, with higher conversion rates and therefore with higher RoI. IC-Campaigns improves the success chances of your campaigns, in a complete, immediate and interactive manner. One of the ways in which IC-Campaigns achieves this is by receiving, processing and acting upon your clients’ feedback. The marketing campaign evaluation becomes organic, part of the campaign itself.

Marketing campaigns will never be the same again. Cheers to that.

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